Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Christchurch March

Please post here if you are interested in organising/helping to organise a march in Christchurch.


Andy Moore said...

The Christchurch March is happening!

With Simon Barnett supporting us, dad4Justice and myself are working on organising the Christchurch march.

Please contact me: click here to email me if you are keen to know more, or would like to help.

Cheers, Andy.

Andy Moore said...
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Andy Moore said...

Blogger.com doesn't seem to like the link to my email address there, so here it is:


Come on Christchurch, get a rocket under you! Act fast, we have a short amount of time. less than 7 days till the march.

FamilyIntegrity said...

Andy, is the Christchurch March on the 28th? Do you have a meeting place and time yet?

Andy Moore said...

Hi guys,
the Christchurch march is still being sorted out. Will definitely be in the middle of town, starting at 12pm, so be there or be square!

keep checking www.politik.co.nz for updates on all the marches.
email: theboybiggles@gmail.com

Andy Moore said...

Christchurch March
Wellington March
Wed 28 March 12pm

Fielding March
Nelson March
Mon 26 March 12pm

www.politik.co.nz for details.

make time to come to the march closest to you. Don't let your job get in the way of you coming

Familes welcome to all marches.