Saturday, March 24, 2007

Rangiora March Report

This report from the Rangiora march comes courtesy of Lennie:

The march went well. There were at least 150 people who took part. The organisers handed out A4 sized signs to those who didn't have one. Marc Alexander and Ron Mark (MPs) spoke at the destination of the march. The march itself was only around the block, but did go through a piece of main street. There were 4 people picketing our march with signs saying *would Jesus have smacked his children?* They got some remarks as the march went past them, but that's all. Clayton Cosgrove MP had his bus in the main street as we marched past. He was busy collecting signatures to get Telecom to extend their toll boundaries... mmm.

Susan Peach is writing to the editor of the North Canterbury News and The Press to indicate the bias of reporting of the march. The national news on TV1 said "those for and against" were out. But of course they neglected to say that those against the bill who were out, counted 150 at least, and those for only 4....

If we can get to the Chch one, we'll go there too. Depends on whether we can find the travel money :-)


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Andy Moore said...

Hi Rangiora people
- fantastic effort - we're proud of you, great march, getting the right message accross - good on you all.

Now, come to the Christchurch march tomorrow! Your children's *lives* depend on Parliament dropping their retarded bill.

We've already had one beaut of a victory, in forcing Clark and Bradford to drop their idea on making the bill go into "urgency"!

Email the MPs, vote in the polls, fill in those petitions and send them off. anyone can do it. My 13 year old brother dropped off petitions at every shop (bar 3) in our local mall - go hard guys!

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