Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dunedin March

Please post here if you are interested in organising/helping to organise a march in Dunedin.


Possum said...

I would be keen to help organise a march - but fear that it is too late to do so for 28th. If there is anyone else in Dunedin interested I can be contacted on petex2@xtra.co.nz

Andy Moore said...

Hi Pete,
Mate, just go for it.
We have only just arranged to do a ChCh march today. Yes, there is only 6 days left now, but you can do it!

Just try and get an MP, a pastor and a celebrity of some sort to have a 5minute odd talk at it.

See if a radio station will announce your march for free.

Some "harcourts" signs would be good, and the Welly march is going to have balloons!

Good on you guys!

Andy Moore said...

If you guys can't get anything sorted out, please do come up and support the Christchurch march. There will be t-shirts available to those who want them...
Details of the CHCH march:
email: theboybiggles@gmail.com

Possum said...

Spoke to another lady tonight and I am not sure it is going to be possible. Will phone the council tomorrow, logistics might be a bit tough. a bit more time woudl have been helpfull...and now I see Sue Bradford is rushing this through under urgency. The betryal and arrogance is breath taking.

Possum said...

Will know by 4.30 today if the Dunedin march is going ahead. If it does, it will actually be an assembley rather than a march. Planned for the Upper Octagon area. Tentative date Friday the 30th. Will update in a few hours!

Possum said...

Finally an update - The dunedin march is NOT going ahead. Not for the lack of desire but sue to there not being time to comply with council bi-laws. Some of us who were going to organise the Dunedin assembley have chosen instead to drive up to the Christchurch march. See you there.